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About Us

Explore the UAE with your dog.

Ginger's Way, HK9 and Doggie Adventures In Dubai are all about exploring the UAE with

your dog.

But we have taken it to the next level. 

For the whole months of February & March 2024, you get to do the same in a fun and challenging way. 

We will provide a starter pack that will give you all the tools and details to get you started. In every Emirate you will find a location with something amazing to see or to do with your dog. Think of beautiful hiking tracks, island tours, kayaking at a beautiful beach and much more.

Collect your padlock at every location and make sure to keep it with you for the whole activation.

We'll meet each other at the big finale day where you can exchange your padlocks and collect the badges that can be attached to your special leash.


Meet The Team

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